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Waterbury, Connecticut 06705
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    We utilize the latest technologies to help enhance the smiles and oral health of our patients.

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    Dr. Wolkoff provides his patients in Southeast Connecticut and throughout Waterbury with the latest cosmetic dentistry treatments in order to help them attain beautiful smiles.

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    Our practice takes the time to present all possible treatment plans to our patients.

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Our Staff

Elaine S. Wolkoff, MS, CCC-SLP, COM (Orofacial / Myofunctional Therapist)

Elaine Wolkoff shares two responsibilities within the office setting. As Office Manager, she supervises responsibilities such as scheduling, insurance, billing and patient concerns. Elaine is also a certified speech-language pathologist and certified orofacial / myofunctional therapist. She provides screening services when necessary to identify functional issues which may be impacting dental or speech development.

Elaine is assisted by a talented group of dental receptionists who go out of their way to assist patients with understanding their dental insurance benefits, scheduling in a prompt manner, and addressing concernes. We strive to work as an efficient team to make our patients' experiences positive.

Reception Desk

Terri, one of our receptionists, is a former secondary math teacher and office manager of Advanced Paper Company of New Haven, Connecticut. She is in charge of billing for the office. She will cheerfully assist you in this area.

Sharon has worked for Dr. Wolkoff for over twenty years. Her pleasant manner, familiarity with our patients and knowledge of scheduling and insurance has been a great asset over the years.

Carrie is a dental assistant as well as a receptionist. Her knowledge of the field is an asset at the desk. She also assists as needed during the absence of other assistants who are out of the office.

Maryann is a dental assistant at the office in addition to her reception responsibilities. Her knowledge of both areas enhance her expertise.

Cathy has been working as Dr. Wolkoff's dental assistant since 1979. Patients always look forward to seeing Cathy at their visits.